A sound level meter you have total control over

Everything is open, from schematics to filter coefficients.
But it doesn't compromise on quality, it is as close to the industry standards as possible.

Full Spectrum

1/3 octave bands are calculated every seconds (or less).
Filters are Class 0 according to the IEC 61260.

2 channels

You can plug in up to two IEPE powered microphones.
Yes, you can use your expensive Class 1 microphones !

You own the data

The data is stored in open format files, no proprietary software needed.
You also have access to the spectrum values in real-time, on the device or remotely !


The hardware is based on the Raspberry Pi, a 35$ computer.
Add the SonoMKR soundcard (below 200$) and a micrpohone and you're all set.

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